Follow Who’s Lead

Is this follower the leader?
Which one are you
You standing still in a moving world
You made the corner your home
Whispering and sneaking
Your personality is disappearing
Why are you afraid to be yourself
Looking to others, depending on someone else
Instead of yourself
Are you not worth the flesh you were born in?
Guessing another’s life is better, borrowing to lend
Lending to own, OWNING is not your thing
You rather be in footsteps washing away
You singing Five Heartbeats in the rain
Footsteps you cannot recreate
Mocking, mimicking, no matter the word, they all mean fake
Be the truth or at least try
Fiction you believing cause it is glamorized
My Momma didn’t raise a follower
You can follow me
Follow as I lead
Lead you to a distraction
Invade your life with infractions
Slowly taking away any attribute – not adding, subtraction
Follow I may show you to your happiness
Happiness that is momentary, least I caught your interest
I think I will tip you to some drama
I’ve been bored lately- entertain me-Ready to Rumba...
Come and follow me
I will lead you straight to misery
Lesson to the story is
Don’t be a follower but a leader
True everyone was not a born leader
But don’t follow someone so hard you become a regrettor
Listen please, take heed
Follow Who’s lead?




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