I promise.......

I promise to be me, just Star feeling free

Free to climb higher than the trees

Free to be the brightest Star you ever can see

I promise to be me, just to smile, laugh, and play

Smiles turned upside down to frowns of coming from an unhappy space

Laugh at the sight of a funny face

Play with no emotions not even mines in the case

I promise not to be phony

Not to pretend something that I am not

Don’t care anything about those Gucci bags or Marc Jacobs look a likes

It’s always been about the simply things in life

I promise to love to lust for it if I may

Hell I ain’t gay and I can’t wait to anticipate

The touch, the warmth, the moan, that caress, all that mess

I promise I will enjoy each and every sec!

I promise to just be me floating high, laying on that cloud

Looking down wondering which one of my sparks will relight the heart

The heart of the one the promise is to


Star aka Jazzie 04/08/11






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