No Fear

No Fear

Why should I feel alone
Why should I be concerned
Why should I be disheartened
Why should I protect my soul
Why should I wrap up all my feelings and watch them burn
Why should I be an ice box just cause you have been hardened

I should let you know exactly what I feel
I should allow my words to be the ‘Appeal’
I should not be frightened to fail
I should know that with everything, gave my all, that’s why you went to Zale’s
I should beware that without evil wouldn’t recognize the good
I should believed you when we moved into my ideal neighborhood

Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve but you did
Not living like movie stars, but we win
You said I don’t have to hurt no more, and wiped my tear
You looked deep into my eyes and said God by my side, I should have no fear



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