Woman you don't need a man
we can degrade ourselves so bad
for some of us having a man is part of life's plan
life is meant to gratify your own-self
step up your pride, put pity on the shelf
embrace your loveliness
At times its okay to be independent
Yeah God made woman from his rib
But some of y'all of so far for them, you forget about your own kids
you dress with quick cash on the brain
Then feel "disrespected" when he call you out your name
go to work and prove your best
you may have got hired for the wrong reason, now its time to cover your chest
Its cool for him to treat you good
Yet good man is in your face but you want the one acting hood
You act out when he all in the face of another
Ready to fight her...said nothing to him-so why bother
Take the time to love you first
everything else will come, time to get it right-rehearse

Look at shawty with the phatness
Looks mean everything no matter of the classiest
I am Man, hear me roar
I need to roar so loud
loud that i block out all other sounds
sounds of good advice in detail
I wasn't trying to hear that anyway-Midnight train to Georgia-DERAILED
learn the respect from your mother
decency is not a lost cause, show her you love her
If it is not love then don’t say it
Confusing them--you end with the dramatic ending
Your eyes were made for seeing
Lustful thoughts and you feening
like you were taught
everything has a cost
The Price can be one you cant afford
paths are meant to be followed, choose the right door
you think you so cool, Jail is not key
being some other dude’s prat is what you might be
Be yourself!!!
don’t follow the crowd
Get the girl that is of your dreams
no more substituting the girl taking one for the team



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