Eagle Vision

As I soar above the mess
I see below me and know I am blessed
I am glad to have jumped over that hurdle
Came through the storm, able to tell my story and bury my burden
I know the next will be a mountain
God gave me these wings to rise about it
Life is full of devastation
With undeniable stress, finding the joy, peace and love should be the motivation
My eyesight is strong
Seeing the unmentionables humming like a song
♪ Watch out for me
♪ I am coming for you
♪ No matter where you are
♪ or what you do
♪ no hiding place
♪ No where you’re safe
♪ Watch out for me
♪ I am coming for you
My ears hear the roar of the beast
Untamed and wildly roaring thirsty for a feast
My blood is not yours to take
I give my soul to the Lord if I shall not wake
I wake indeed
I wake because Jesus bleed
I wake to live another day
I wake to humble myself with the Lord’s grace

He gave me these wings to rise and soar
Pain I can still feel but hurt no more
With these arms of mine
I will learn to fly
Fly, fly fly into the horizon
Seeing the truth with my Eagle Vision




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