Just because I do not respond to your ignorance
You think you have won, I say you are irrelevant

Because I keep my peace and not speaking what I feel
You think you have gotten away scotch free, not real

Just because I move quickly not standing still
Pictures in your mailbox, sealed
You thinking I am not seeing you
See ya, Seen ya, saw ya, over you!

Because my smile is permanent
Hiding the frustration, mindful of my temperament

Just because I come to work everyday
Simple reason, I have bills to pay

Because I clock in on time
You sense that I am in need of now you clocking mine

Just because you believe the clothes I wear are not expensive
I am here to tell you, you wear yours, I bankable exclusive

Because I am not flashy and loud
I am heard when I need to be, said being “proud”

Just because I hold my head high
You thinking I thinking am I better than I
I being you, No I being me
You are correct,
I can only be me, so me I must protect

Because I don’t drive your car
Just because I don’t wear your clothes
Because I don’t have your debt
Just because plans in play, constantly being proposed

Because can be an excuse
Because can be your answer
Because can be the solution
Because I just feel like saying Just Because




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