Conform to you?
What makes you so special?
Why you think you are that great?
Who told you, you were the cream of the crop?
What makes you think I should want to be around you?
Why you not understanding you are not my type
Who does the things you do and except others to conform to you?
I was born a LEADER
I am not saying you should follow me
But you may learn a few things
I don’t care for your personality
God gave me a gift to read fake from reality
Those who deal in greatness, is where I want to be
Those that live with compassion and compromise
Tend to be zealous, ambitious, and able to analyze
Those that live with goals, morals, and a sense of Righteousness
Tend to be understanding, one directional but have open-mindness
Those that enjoy life for the things earned and sometime given
Tend to be the ones that give, and help others around them
I do not care for your rudeness or lack of dream
So these are the answers to your questions you keep asking me
I been around you to know you are not a cup of tea
Those who know me, know I love my tea-
So ---around you is not where I will ever be
Yes people change but the lies are in your eyes
It comes from your pores and defaults your soul
You are mortally out of control
If there was help I could provide
If someone I could refer you to cause I tried
Tried to give you benefit, despite my doubt
I can’t lie to my mind cause it told me what you were about
I pray that God absorbs his grace in you
Instead of wanting me to conform to you,
Get down on your knees
God is the one that should hear your pleads



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