Take me away…

I do not know what to say
I want to ask you to stay
I stand there looking at your figure walk away
The distance is getting grander by the second
This moment may never happen again
Speechless like I forgot how to make myself speak
I need to say something, blood rushing to my head- I feel weak
I feel nausea, blessed with this once in a lifetime opportunity
I try to do something - I manage to get a peep
You turn round, trying my hardest to get your attention
My face flush and full of expression
I manage to say I want to go with you
I dreamt of this day, I don’t want to be left behind
You being symbolic of my sun, I the rose, without you I’m dying
To subsist, you are my need, I need your ray
No longer being hidden in the shadows,
I want you to take me away
Take me away
Away with you
Maybe in this dream, this will come true




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