Sleepless in the District

When will I wake up next to my soul mate?
5 months passed
Laying next to you every day for a year and a half
Sleeping alone I just can’t relate
How much longer will this take
Holding on to the pillow is getting old
Your body not next to mine I’m getting cold
Gripping the pillow as if, it’s your waist
All that can’t be safe
But yet still I do it
Suffocating the wall, with wishes of only you behind me
Catch myself watching your shows, as if I’m interested
Missing you is an understatement
You cast a love spell on me
Not that I regret it
But you have my mind in a trance
Come home soon I beg
Let’s have long talks about the past
And passionate Conversation of future plans
Like me being your Mrs. And you always being my man
If this is too much feel free to explain
Express yourself the best way you can
I promise I wasn’t complain
In four words I can express my feelings
Simply, I LOVE YOU FOREVER!© Google+on


Love it! expressing what so many feel or have once felt.

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