Known more than your name for some time
But you come around brand nu, figuring you lost yo mind
I know you betta than you know yourself
Lost your way, looking everywhere but at me for help
Repercussions of the No Nos
You been warned, you been told
You much older now, so acting grown
Heck NO
Maturity doesn't come from aging rising numbers
Life experiences teaches us to grow up not act younger

Shield guards
Precedent setter, reap rewards
Knowing exactly all about life we all like to consider
Half way through, words resolved tasting bitter
Feeling lost of all hope
Thread disappearing from the rope
Left for exile
Doing it by myself words ring loud
Just hanging...
Hanging on
Sometime dont know what Im hanging to
Threads been shredded
By grace, still hanging
Just Hanging…
Hanging on



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