Silence for minutes turn into silence for moments
Regrets turn into angered timeless frets
Tears roll down middle, fist punch the pillow
Words stuck, shoulders hutched up
Countdown backwards, cool-off cool-off, standing in same room awkward
Apologies never come, forgiveness WOW seldom
Lonely nights rescued by the sun bright and early
Picking up the phone slamming back on the table
Who is the bigger person, debating with self ~cursing
Questions of how this begun, same ol song different verse sung
Cooking dinner for one, sitting, staring in mirror only one reflection
Who is right, Who is wrong, we both were
Minutes, to moments, to days to random fits
Missing you missing me either will conform or agree
Time that cannot be given back, no reverse or rewind slot
Moving on still thinking how things could’ve been different
Too late that fate has been erased
"The Reasons, the reasons" that we aren't here
This isn't the song that neither of us wanted to hear

01.31.2012© Google+on


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