Disclaimer:  Freestyle is Highly Matured Natured

I'm about be like shelia, got to get off the plane
You probably didn't get it, cause you's a lame
Bank account large,spending above your price range
You counting pennies, here's a quarter, add to your change....

Add to your change while I'm switching gears in the range
thump in the trunk make the broads go crazy
I'm on the come up planting my seeds y u n****s pushing up daisies
they say the good die young the rich live forever
I'm both so you tell me who's more clever
I'm back at it like I never left
whipping in the kitchen like Americas top chef
take a breath
give me plate I'm eating you n****s like jaws
just when you thought it was safe to go back in the booth
they put the mic in my hand and I blew breath back into hip hop
the beat this Is where the bullshit stops.

Never on No Bullshhhhhhhh*****ttttt
dude from the wire say better, coming his stomach pitttttttttttttttttt
You gotta take the pause
Standing ovation, while i accept the round of appaluse
Waka - Drake got dudes waiting on this song
females front & center rushing to da floor
Curtains close on the non-sayers
drinking my hot tea, swallowing the haters
your mind playing catch up to what im saying
click on the website
get on my hype
come by with a dope rhyme…


if i was to give you a dope rhyme

youd be similar to a fiend sniffing c*ke lines

you cant bottle my swag

 take it home in a brown paper bag

im at the top my game call me g-o-d

cause i sit at the top of the thrown all you b**ches underneath me,

keep a tight circle like i like my puss

and dont like hair there cause snakes like to hide under the bush,

i smoke k*sh

while you blow rag w**d

when i hit the club vip

aint just some random letters to me,

I throw hundreds while you n****s throw ones

and if you want talk slick im real greasy so you gone have to speak to my gun..

Your gun don’t mean nun to me
Aint no differ`ence
With you coming to fight with a knife perceived
Either way Im ending on top
I keep it going even when the beat stop
I got lyrics for days
Mouth gapped open, leaving you mazed
You take the prize, I need to get paid
Not a 9 to 5 but a 7 to 3
To you this is life, to me a hobby
Millions are bout to come my way
Giving the thumbs up for losers to walk da plank
No matta what you try, looks never good, go on hate
Feeling the pressure wanna jump ship
Put yo ear to glass, listen to me rip
Pre-pare your-selves
Hitting curves with words, straight off the shelves
Foot to the metal, how that adrenaline rush feels
You so shook up, already on your knees, kneel
Kneel to the lord and pray
Cause today just aint-yo-day

Joya & GrandHustle38
Nov  2011© Google+on


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