If I took my clothes off 
You would be quick to click 
If I cussed a tad bit more 
Turned excitement from an intellectual bore 
Cause I'm no random whore 
Give ya something to discuss 
 Then act as if it a disguise 
If I was Ready to spread some mo gossips 
Applauses I know I would get 
Even standing ovations cause of my diseased lips 
If blackmail was what I sold 
Lining up from around the corner to buy a role 
Friends would support then 
Thinking monetarily and saying "I'm your friend" 
I got news for you 
Don't support now, don't support then Boo 
Putting my thoughts on paper 
Most can't 
Blessed with an ability won't allow it to just vapor 
I inform, entertain...oh yeah and vent 
Fact of a fact 
You scared to read what i write, that's that 
A creation is planned with formality 
Unlike anything else, this isn't a normality 



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