Death all around us
 Yet happiness in the air
 No more suffrage hauntings
 Painful screams or pill anointing
 But joyful praises to the King on the throne
 Allowing our loved ones to go to the place we all want to call home
 We miss the presence of you
 The sounds of your laughter too
 Scolds of your pointing finger
 Do as I say I will always remember
 Fried, dyed and laid to the side hair dos
 Beauty shop, cakes, pies and jewelry
 What was it that you couldn't do?
 And that yellow car you loved so precious
The Drives to Roses, keeping the candy from Otis stashes
 Always got to be in charge
 Guess you were the eldest, so you played the part
 Barry White I'm sure singing a welcome song
 Gerald Levert carrying the beratone
 Bumping elbows with all your favorites
 Seeing all the ones who passed before you
 Tell them we said whats up, deuce deuce
 Love you and we'll keep your memory alive
 Not how you died but how you survived

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