Derogatory notatied don't label me
Turning right around, I make these labels
Without the likes of me and those like me, labels go on hiring freeze
Labels, brands, meanings, understands
Cloths, billboards, symbols, facebooks
To be or not to is the question
So how you answer chooses your label
Race, religion, creed, education
Background works to suit your labels' definition
Nat~UraL, eye color, Dress codes
Morals going down like rolling stones
Weight gain to skinny fame
Labels don't make the rules but influence how the game is played
Labels don't label themselves
People curb their enthusiasm to befit themselves
Know what you are standing up for
Forking out money not understanding but steady paying for more
Labels are not all meaningless
To be The Only or The First leaves many speechless
To be human is a label we all should carry proud
Labels, labels, labels most wordless but speak so loud
Colorful decorative festive
Giving a sense of worth, pride even
My name may be usual to you, but dont label me
Not my problem you cannot sound it out properly
My hips may be wide AND?
My lips may be medium, small and pink, attractive to any man
Doesnt give you the right to be mad and want to put a label
You may drive a luxury car
Have no job or income
Gives me no right to figure what else you had to loose in life
Good, bad, pretty and ugly intentions
Labels are just labels,  BUT people decipher the definitions



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