Words can be silent
Words are powerful and vigilant
Words prove diligent
Words can convert the strongest addict
Words can convince a nay-say advocate
Words provide comfort and give kindness
Words can give courage to the spineless
Words limitless
Words can make a mess
Words are only words not actions
Words can bring about separation
Words can be inspiring, motivation
Words of the same tongue are understood
Words spoken with eyes unspoken construed
Words seek out the mere truth
Words provide guidance, allowing the one to lead to rule
Words can be a hindrance
Words can be devious and ignorant
Words build all types of allegiance
Words will make true emotions surface
Words being vivacious
Words seeking deliverance
Words prove innocence
Words can alter grievance
Words yell
Words calm as a sail
Words captivate you under a spell
Words put you in a trance, reveal
Words can take you high
Words begin journeys, starting with byes
Words expressed through a sigh
Words grab your soul
Words pleasurable
Words can make you choke
Words can make you whole
Words can sink you low
Words are just words,
Words preached or left unspoken
A word is still just a word




Me said…
I don't think some understand how powerful words truly are. You said it all!

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