A Father's Love

He holds his chest out when you walk close
Straightens his stance a little bit, manhood trying to impose
He runs and says Daddie guess what…
You laugh cause you know what’s coming next…Chicken Butt
You both laugh and say…guess who…YOU!
The moments you share are timeless
Play them over and over; no DJ needed for this remix
He wants to dress like you
Give dap the way you do
Secret handshakes,
Watching Mommie across the room wanting to participate
No boys ONLY, Mom
You both say in unison…knowing the rules…she walks away and smiles
He wants to meet your approvals
Making you a Proud Man, having your ‘Mini Me’ waiting on your every vocal
He plays all the sports, you eager him on
Being his #1 Fan, shouting, yelling and cheering in ROAR
He walks off whatever court or field being the proud son
His Dad is here! All the sons cheer! Each pointing in different directions...
All the Dads chests poke out and accept the hugs
You did it SON!!!!
He wants everything the same as Daddie
Dad praying out loud he is giving his all to make a Man of him
Dad looks at the small face that looks up at his
Boy, I give you my last, son shakes head in agreement
Knowing you carry the honor of molding a little creature
Prior to fatherhood, responsibilities seemed relentless
A place in your heart was felt, watching his birth, HIS ENTRANCE
His little life became more than a responsibility
Watching him grow, pride and love is an understatement
Someone so strong & masculine, your little boy’s word bringing out your sensitivity
You want him to be proud of you as you are of him
You give your all so that he can live
So one day he will do the same
But till then, you are enjoying him asking to play the game
Wanting his clothes like yours
Your sandwich, his little mouth cannot enjoy
Your shoes he plays in
Even wanting your smell goods
A hug shared between the two of you, others envy
So powerful and still a delicacy




Thank you to my husband for the love you show our son. One Day he will show his son or daughter all that we have taught him. We together have made his life a little easier. Cause we both know the pain he will never have to endureth.

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