Traffic Versus Life


We have issues
We have to appreciate the fact that
We have speed bumps and road blocks
But there is always that little worker man
That says okay it is time for you to pass now
Kind of like TRAFFIC!!!
That is how I look at my life
Traffic slows us down
Gives us time to be mad
That we can't move as fast as we want to
But then when it is smooth sailing!
We happy go lucky but then!!
There is the road work that needs to be done that we never have time

Life isn't always smooth
We oh so want it to be
But we have to appreciate, the slow moving traffic
Appreciate the speed bumps in the neighborhoods we want to speed through
Taking a moment to appreciate the unappreciated slow moving aspects of
The worker on the side of the road holds up the signs for a reason
Stop means just that STOP before something dangerous happens
Yield means to slow it down just a notch and evaluate the situation
Green well heck we always want it to be green GO GO GO

The reality is if something is holding
Keeping you from something that you think is smooth sailing and
It very well might not be the best thing for you
Take a good look at the signs of life and enjoy the traffic sometimes.

Star 09/22/2011


inspiration comes from all walks of life. Inhale your words and exhale relief from your explaination!!

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