Grown and out on my own
I got to get a place I call mine
Places I tend to roam
I’m a grown woman
I’m Grown!

Physique one I like to promote
Did I mention, I am grown
Things to do have I so much time
Procrastination with a capital prone
I’m a grown woman
I’m grown!

I turned of age and I hurried from home
No rules to follow, I am grown
Brown Sugar Babe, I got Jonz in my Bonz
Singing all the way to the bank, Imma*Star*See*Me*Shine*
I’m a grown woman
I’m grown

I have advice for you GROWN Woman
Be that grown
Get an education, and a home to call your own
Knowledge and wisdom will carry you along
Street smarts, book sense, be more than a Dime
You go on grown woman
You will be just fine
You are grown



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