We will never forget
The hows, and whys to take another life, regret
This day is embedded in our minds
No matter where the world you were, standing still was the time
Air was a precious commodity
Breathing deeply
Exhaling fear
All you wanted to do was call the ones in your heart and have them near
Signals were busy
Lines went dead
People running around frantic tizzy
No thoughts could be processed, blanket head
Remaining Calm was a joke
So many agents all around us, this was no hoax
What is going on~ God protect us
God heard all the cries and pleads
Lives ended, but never their memories
We will never forget
On this anniversary that should have never been
The US was shook on this day ten years ago,9/11
The lives will always be remembered
God continue to bless us all
Those that continue to protect us, The US will never Fall
Those that gave their lives to save another
We honor you, sister to sister, brother to brother



TouchedByARose said…
Before you even read all the way down I knew what it was about. The reason why is because this is how I felt, the day that this happened. I was in New York, they evacuated the schools students crying parents running around crazy, that was a bad thing to happen but as you said we will always "remember"

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