Obstacles in my way

Jumping the hurdles
Racing impatiently, waiting for a miracle
Smiles hiding the frustrations
Embracing all of my imperfections
Loving them more than them loving me more than a mere moment
Fighting being overwhelmed, overwhelmed by emotion
Be proud! I hear.
Your time is next, I'm meant...to the rear
Wipe the disappointment from your center
You are alive, right? Ignore your mental
Self esteem ready to be recharged......CLEAR....zzzaaaaoooOOOOOOAAAAAZZZZZZ
Amped on overdrive
Timing about to be right, feeling a vibe
Take a look out the window
Headed to my vehicle, a new route I go
New day, same forgiving sun
Will always see hurdles no matter which way I run
Tests of this universe plus some
Experiences learned from, but they're never done
Obstacles in my way
I Jump over you, skip a step, soar a mile too
I am ready, got my sneakers laced
Tribulations you seemed confused
I am ready, another down,
Looking around. I see you
Obstacles in my way
Coming For You, Be Afraid




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