secretly i feel tears are a beauty
to see them fall on the cheek so faintly
or when they stream angrily
the eyes give a certain glow
a glow of uncertainty, but delightful in sight
a tear helps to release the relief after the pain
the pain that causes the rain, no promise of a bow
tears express just how the feelings are emotional
A tear should not be ignored
the body is riding itself of a stress before engorged
tears can be that of joy and happiness
that tear falls short of glory of reaching the lips
the tear of pain goes to the impossible
makes you feel sick, tired, exhausted, and relieved
the joyful tear makes the eyes smile
makes a heart warm when seen, like a bride walking the aisle
the happy tear goes a straight path
making the cheek rosy and splitting it in half
i fell in love with the tear
the soulful cry
tears are alluring
the attraction is naturally enticing
sometime the eyes close, to caught a moment
as the loner flows, the eye wear it like a garment



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