Love you

Entice you

Complete you

Freak you

copulate you

Its all apart of my J.O.B.

Your body

Your mind

Your soul

Your emotions

Your temptations

Its all in the workload of this J.O.B.

Its just the feeling

It’s the mere touch

Its all in the sensation

It’s the over-all experience

It’s the effect it leave on you

Who wouldn’t love this J.O.B.
Caress that body

Massage the body

Stroke the body

Please the body

Indulge in the body

It’s the consuming duties of the J.O.B.

Put a smile on your face

Put some love in your cold heart

Put some passion in your life

Put some food for thought in your mind

Put some heat yearning on the body

That is the expertise of my J.O.B.

Having you begging for more

Having you needing me to do it again

Having you say my name avidly

Have you wondering what I did having you feel like this

Have you waiting for a supplement when we are apart

This is the salary paid for the practices of the J.O.B.

Hording me

Demanding me

Connection to me

Clutching, embracing, clinging, the seizure of me

Rapport of us

The stipulations of pleasure of my J.O.B.

J.O.B. the jovial obsessions of your body



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