Dream of you

Side affect of me being without you

Is waking up in a nightmare

My heart is open for you to cherish

I want to reach out and known you have been touched

My imagination pictures you at my side

Then to face this reality, I just want to run & hide

Days have turned into eternity; these long days seem like forever

Not to hear your voice was crucial to my survival

I just want t sing my love, loud for you to hear where you are

I want the melodies to come out like a symphony

In the midst of the beat, I want my heart to be felt

For my emotions to be seen through the eyes of an angel

I need your love, a hug, a feel, a touch of your skin, a smell of your cologne, a breathe on the back of my neck, fingers through my hair, your palms on the bottom of my feet

I just need you. I want you. I crave you. I want to explore you. I dream of only YOU!



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