Has Anything Changed

Has anything changed?
Is it all for nothing?
What has changed?
i feel like rain pouring outside
Nothing to form me & my heart is about to die
Love use to live here, now all i experience is such disappointment
No where to call my home, no place for soul to rest. Am i living in cement.
As the world goes around; i try to move with it...pace feels slower tan the crowd
But i choose to live my life as a leader but as i step out on my own, my head starts to pound
United together as one are you and I my
When i ask are you with me, only hear my single "i"
Expressions is who i am, the only AM I CAN represent
so why when I am me, i feel the confinement?
Confinement of my own mind because trust of no one to share
Only the Lord knows my burdens i bear
Born alone, raised with others, borne to my own
the prototype of my hubbi, my southern brotha
does the lives of others that exist in my surrounding inhabit my environment
In lemans, do they make me?
My answer is still No! i am Joya
the only one with my personality
sorry if you are disappointed or want to clone me
the mold has been diminished....
i just want the opportunity to grow and finally have my own
Stature will begin to range
after all is said and done and i ask have anything changed
I can finally say YES!

originally wrote on 02.03.09


Anonymous said…
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