Innocence Prayer

Innocence Prayer
i am praying for you to send me my innocence back
the original owner is in need of the morality that was lost
lost may be an under statement, morality that was stolen
why love kills the innocence of the heart-known fact
it's hurting me to my soul, pain is the parasite, the soul the host
sucking the blood dry, the flow becomes limited, heart-rate falling
the face turns red flushed from the emotions and tears over-whelmed
trade me in, get rid of me, i may be able to recover, now i feel damned
when you becomes speechless, the arguments come to a halt
the words stop, the eyes start to glaze away, no more whose at fault
no more i love yous, no more texts, calls are rare and in between
how was your day is a thing of the past, lips balled and mean
the bed is really for sleeping, the romance has dissolved
did your toe just touch me.......sleeping edge-side appalled
cant believe you not using the sense God gave you to pack a bag
still every night on hands and knees praying for God himself to relieve your sad
trying to figure and fact pieces to together, how did it get so bad
dont get mad, dont you dare get mad
you had a hand in the process and now you want to gag
are you seriously praying for God to give you back your innocence
you knew right from wrong, the feeling you kept getting, use your sense
you knew this was told to you long ago to be bad
you should have been fed up, still here so deal, no need to be sad
why continue to be tortured by stupidity
all you wanted was simplicity
all you got was a tear
a broken heart that needs to heal
I am praying for you to send me my innocence back
Please answer me and my innocence prayer



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