Moments Notice

In a moments notice
life can be a charge off
debt accumulated will no longer be a focus
but a write off without penalty or cost
By means it will however be a loss
a loss to a soul that now is without a companion
a friend that was there no matter the reason
a forever shoulder, appreciation of the tear
the compassion given and knowing how to carry on without fear
probability of reaching out to someone grabbing on to what you released
persuading that the points made are valid to give your heart some peace
In a lifetime searching for that someone needing to cling to
to tell our everything to, share times with, enjoy a smile over a cup of juice
to crack a joke and hear the laughter
looking for that familiar rapture
In a moments notice
you can be that somebody, somebody starts to get liked, that like can turn to love, love for an eternity
listen to yoru heart beat....beat....beat....beat.



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