Why is this word so hard for some to understand the full concept?

Means no infidelity, means the truth unconditionally, come straight no regret

If you need time to decide, that time has been since past, I still lag to hang on

Reasoning of why is still hard for me to decipher as you talk, still flapping your tongue

You don’t even believe the sh&t you are quoting, sounding straight text-booking

My ears are bleeding, my heart is numb, with every word more---my mind is fed up

Time after time, tears and pain, where the joy in this, bull you deal, how about I am dealt out

I try to chance it once more, not thinking about what has already occurred

No more blaming, just wanting a soothing relief thinking again to myself is the intimacy the lure

Beyond physical connection developed, wanting to be satisfied from pure simulation

You ask how can you stimulate me without a touch

Been time to listen due to this has been said several times, several ways…tired of your cant comprehend crutch

Stand up on your own, be what I need, do without being asked

God created us alone to figure it out, better recognize

Clocking a ticking, time a passing, patience a running low

This chance has been loaned for you to get it together, get it right

I am good lover, a good cook, a good cleaner, good everything I need Me to BE

Now you are what….lets figure this out quickly

I am not getting younger, even though my face age like lily

Back to what I need>>>Devotion

Loyalty, fidelity, dedication, fondness, commitment & affection

This mean NO BULL< Pay the bills< Take me out< Nails, Hair, clothes< Hear what I say< treat me as your equal< Make the baby wet

I will treat you like a king, trust beyond the bed

I need you to be more, be my everything, not just my lover

Questions??? Class over!!!



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