Lyons Den

Watch your step
Keep yourself in check
Must to learn to be careful
But temptations lure
Ventured outside the comfort zone
Wished a bad one, hungry dog sees bone
Knowing you’re in trouble
Relaxed state of mind left long time ago
Three heels clicking, you are no Dorothy, “no wish I was home”
You step into puzzlement
One you could have prevented
Knowing they were born to camouflage
Took your chances no oblige
Listening to the snarls but perfect silence
Having nervous feelings, too late its detriment
How you going to get out this one
Trap has been set, now they are just picking fun
Torturing your thoughts of the what ifs
What if I get free
What if they eat me
What if someone hears my silent cries
Will they come to my rescue or themselves run and hide
Step into the Lyons den
Addition does equal stop Lying on them
Get it Lyons den
You don’t get it
That’s why you keep surrounding yourself by them

06.25.2012© Google+on


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