Dark Curtains

Going from store to store looking for one item
Colors, patterns, and arrangements no need to focus on fashion
Heavy duty materials
Made to last long time is imperial
Pull the spades
Complete obscurity for days
Close the curtains
No light to shine on intended sins
Looking for some good dark curtains

After a long evening
Shadows from candle light gleaming
Temperatured drink in hand
Enjoying light flames dancing on the walls
If they could speak, conversation to indulge
Gave the television the night off
Phone, computer all technology turned off
Slightly lighten darkness to engage with thoughts
Curtains drawn waiting for an applause
Tossed and turned
Sleep came finally
Alarm didn’t bother to ring
Didn’t realize the time, thank goodness for dark curtains
No place to hurry to,
No projects overdue
Slumbered getting rest needed
Pillows from everywhere lined up, feeling greedy
Waking up on own terms for certain
If they had hands, high fiving dark curtains
Music filling the space
Allot to do, no time to waste
In the moment would be considered inappropriate
Pull the spades
Closing the dark curtains


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