You the reason for this early morning traffic
Driving 10 miles below the speed limit, you a Bragga
Trying to ask a question but consumed by your blinging
Deciding to wear every piece of jewelry you own, bragging
Hairstyle is over the top, flamboyant
Coughing from the scent of your hairspray, but can’t tell you sh*t
Wanted the world to know you shop at bath and body works
Or did you spray extra as a cover-up?
Toes hanging over, waving hello to everyone you pass
Guess that was the last pair and you just had to have
Car the newest off the showroom floor
Because you have to be seen driving a car you can’t afford
Calling me the hater, but used me as a reference
Bill collector calling every number listed name, no difference
Gucci shirt, Coogi pants, prada boots you all fashions
“Got to coordinate” Bragging steady mixing name brands
Five phones, OH, you important!
Answering only one cause it’s the only one working!
Bragger today why you wasn’t bragging yesterday?
Good job on self-esteem, but don’t let it take advantage
Have your desires but desires you can manage
Be proud of what you earn and deserve
What showing off and telling people they not on your level
Some Nerve!
New car, bedazzled down, singing “Get like me”
Why you whispering to borrow some lunch money?

06.11.2012© Google+on


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