Just a lil something something.......

As I sit here
I wonder, I think, I stare
Wondering about the what if's, thinking about the solutions, but staring off into space

As I imagine the air
Blowing thru my hair
Blowing fresh air up my skirt
The smell of sweet fragrances, the aromas in the air

As I listen to the birds
The chirps of music
The tones of a new day as the suns rays graze my face

As I wonder going thru life what was really meant to be
I just try to be me
I try to be free

I look at myself and remind myself
I am genuine
I am one of a kind
I am my own piece of mind

I hear my own thoughts
I listen to my own tunes
My walk and my hips sway to my own notes

I just try to be me


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