I Am all I can be plus
I am a mother
I am a daughter
I am a wife
I am an entrepreneur
I am an employee
I am a child of God
I am your sister
I am your friend
I am your shoulder on a difficult day
I am a financial consultant
I am a mathematician
I am an engineer
I am technology
I am the future
I am not a product of my environment but use my environment to benefit me
I am my truth
I am proud
I am a leader that knows how to follow when appropriate
I am an observer
I am me to the fullest
I am my name
I am my face
I am my mood at a given moment
I am righteous
I am virtuous
I am woman
I am human
I am flesh so I bleed
I am a stressor attempting to make things better
I am not my money or accessories
I am not my house or automobiles
I am the decider of my choices
I am grateful
I am me


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