In love, life is luxurious
No heart breaks everything’s smiley face, just marvelous
Secret language defining wonderful happiness
Walking lightly, ignoring all signs, traffic
Woke up from covered blindness
What world was I in, one inexistent?
Wondering how you got here
Memories spinning, whirlwind
Happy was a drug, overdosed it
Fishing for thoughts with no net
Trying to find your way back but vision blear
Jumped in with a gas pedal, steering wheel, where’s the gear
Laughing out loud, ain’t nothing funny
Laughing out loud to keep from crying
Knowledge is answering
Picking keys searching the clues left me
Future was going the way intended
Blinders taken off and no longer blending in
Feelings set aside, being Leader…who is following
Me and me is okay
Road map undrawn
Figuring out things as I go along
Life quickly went from easy to hard
Mistakes forgiven, no more wrong turns
Blinders off and now I can see

06.14.2012© Google+on


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