So Special

So special
So special, so special, so special, and I don’t mean Movado
You are my dream come true
You are my precious jewel
You are my diamond in the rough
You are my lover that cant get enough
You have me feeling high with no regret
Wanting to let my emotions explode, no longer want to be timid
You need me to do your body right, you feeling on the Boooootttttiii
You need me to show you beyond the physical call of duty
This can go down but only one way
Yes I want to take you down, so far down…-------.......that’s you not knowing what to say
I know what I am doing, experienced at devoting you to be mine
Mine is the sense your body to explore, with no conscientious of time
I want to take it slow, making sure not to miss a spot, want you to explode
KAABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A sound that goes untamed
Loving to hear it, time after time, it remains the same
Quiet as a storm my love road in on, but my sex road out with you exhausted
So exhausted, speech is a no, movement is slow, Round TWO IS A GO
Our love, sexual healing at its best, I love it, really love it
All I can say is So Special, So special, so special!



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