I WANT....

I want to hold you once more in my arms
I want to glaze in your eyes forever more
I want you to recognize my love is strong
I want you to be memorized by my passion song
I want you to need to hear my voice
I want you to endure the steam from the moist
I want to entice you with my lips
Both sets, until you start a Joia fit
I want to speak to you in an intimate way
I want you to listen to my words, every word I say
I want you to imagine the things I will perform
I want you to get excited from my touch that will roam
I want you to know that I mean it, the enhancement of your senses
I want the touch to be so perfect; I am a thief that stole your heart, a menis
I want to assure you that these are not just random word
I want to make you whole from these things you have learned
I want you to end up speechless
I want the words you are trying to say to be expressed with your face
I want the need of me to be yours to be evident
I want you, only you; I can say that being confident
I want you, I want to, I want us to have the ‘I want you Blues’.

You ask, am I being totally serious
I ask, why do you feel you are delirious
The time it takes me to win your soul will be priceless

You ask, do I mean all of what I said
I ask, what part of I am in love with you is hard for you to digest
The moment we become one at least for a single moment, Me, will be your focus

You ask, why have I choose you to give my devotion
I ask, why not you, the heart can be foolish but my soul has you in heavy rotation
The season speak your name softly, I must listen, there is no mistake, no confusion

You ask, how can my intensity bring on this instance frenzy
I ask, how can you not believe your ecstasy brings me such felicity
The knowledge of just having you in my life brings the joviality

You ask, what am I to say
I ask, why do you have to say
The words better left unspoken, the message is to be divulged, lets not say.

One Luv,




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