The Rebuttal

You lie, you lie
Why are you saving me from me
I was and will continue to be fine
You was always the problem
You hate to admit so that is why
You trying to slip me a mickie
I am not different, you the one who is different
Yes you are right when you say that was the wrong thing to do
Is blame everything on me as if you didn’t act a fool

Yes Babygyrl’s weight is starting to go down
My head never too big, recognition is nice, now you ready to make me round town
What am I on display, a show
You don’t have to say much to make me yours
Just the truth not those lies that gave you mouth sores

I do live! You try to live a bit too much
Have fun…you make me want to go dutch
The mistakes I really am not sure if you learn from
You just say what I want to hear, so you can get some

Don’t swear at me!
What is my type?
I always fall for your lies
Get on my nerves thinking you always right
There you go with that bull
You never can explain anything at all
You cant get your point across
Look at me, think I care, I’m my own boss!
You believe in people like me
You know how I hate to be compared

I don’t have no past
You the one with the past
That’s what you never learn from
Always trying to make me feel bad, you that ONE
You believe all of what you hear
If you feel you need to judge me
Leave me be!
I am not like your last girl
You probably just last my last guy
You all LIE!

I always fall for your lies
Your lies
I just don’t want to hear it no more
I’m done!



Anonymous said…
My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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