Your Fakizm

You can keep this to yourself
If it is not doing me good-you know “TO THE LEFT”
I don’t want any part of it
Turning the music up, ignoring your fit
You say—with me I got some sh*t
Pump breaks matter factly FREEZE
Tired of the unnecessary drama
My hands have been whipped, respect ‘em
Attitude got to go- loose ‘em
Hatizm is stupid- Loser
Don’t want your Fakizm to rub off
You need to back up, serious on all cost
You never to really change
Pity is not cute, give it up, wash it in the rain
Come up fresh- step right, you know what’s up
Leave the rest for someone else, come honest, come just
Your Fakizm is not appreciated
Your Fakizm is not wanted
Your Fakizm has been repelled
Your Fakizm will continue to be a FAIL
Your Fakizm is being dismissed
Your Fakizm has real and truth so pissed
Your Fakizm is gone in the wind
Your Fakizm no longer had a ploy
Your Fakizm has been stamped VOID



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