When I can’t trust you it makes it hard to be away from you
Then come back to you and believing you are the same person I just left
Trust and not trusting will have you doubt the skin you in
Wondering what was you doing when my eyes weren’t on you
Are you getting away with a crime cause I wasn’t there to see
Or are you really being honest when you say you were faithful to me
Wondering should I believe my conscience and search anyway
Or listen to my heart for once, but my heart is what has me in this predicament
I am caught in-between, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
No one to call, cause don’t want you in my problems
Self esteem low, feeling like I can’t handle my business
Plans were suppose to develop this way, suppose to been caught up in happiness
What don’t kill you makes you stronger, how about you killing me slowly
Not with no finger or any letter, never softly sorry this isn’t no Lauren Hill
Run away for what, same oh problems , no one gives a f*ck
Or a cuss about it or me. Not till I ran across homey with deeper issues
I thought my life was bad, ready to be a stung out cause I felt dried up
But homey don’t have no where throwing a finger up to all her diss yous
Diss yous or dissed her, I cause some of us just really have it bad
Not no usher, could use his money , brighter today no reason to be mad
Not till I run across the next idiot that want me to trust them
Then will you be about me or be about the money, what can I lend
guess rich don’t have it any easier
here or around the world what matters is what matter
still would be nice to write off a few issues
Kanye thanks for the toast to all the douches!



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