Trouble dont last always

The song plays vividly through my mind
Emotions peak to an all time high
Trouble don't last always
I begin to sing
Not knowing all the words to each verse
But knowing enough to sooth the hurt
Walking this journey emotionless
Causes too much trouble to give attentiveness
Ensuring no one feels the way I secretly do
I smile, I speak, I encourage, I appear meek
Compliments given but none I dare to repeat
Don't believe the compliments are worth the meanings they speak
Pleasant and nice they are that
Just don't give myself that credit
To myself, I begin to sing
Trouble don't last always
I step into a corner room
Alone and dark to fix my gloom
Come back out with the smile on my face
How can I help or What can I do for you today?
I love love and I hate pain
God told me not to hate my neighbor not this emotion my mind gives me
The phone rings
Not to give away my emotional state
I smile and say Hello
Girl, is all I here
Focusing on my breathing and trying to sound mellow
Listening to the person on the other end
Hearing the sadness on them from within
Finding the words to sooth and erase
Thinking to myself, I need to take my own advice
One day
Thinking again about the song
Trouble don't last always



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