Get Personal

Too many times, share with you a laugh
Never for you to see the emotional side I have
Tell a joke to smile while I feel pain
You have no clue from the amuzement you gain
Levels of unmeasured hurt
Those bridges you burnt
Feel like you care less
Less about anything that is not your mess
Dial my phone to bring down my mode
I answer,
I listen,
I console.
I call to ask how you been
Is there a returned jester, you would think its a sin
I can tell you your life
What can you tell me about mine
The point exactly
Matter factly
I'm to blame
Respect should be demanded or at least the same
For once be about something more than just you
Everyone tells you the same thing
You look for some type of confirmation
Get it together,  have some humiliation
Ask someone else whats going on with them
Be genuinely real
Make it this time, not the next when
Be a caring heart never forced willed
The I's of your world will thank you kindly
Be a good friend you expect in return
And those who you trust will trust you earned



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