Jumping Nightmares

This isn't that Freddy Cougar, Elm Street you looking for
This is that go sleep not to wake up from your dreams rigmarole
Nightmare after nightmare
When are they going to end
Jesus on the mainline, tell Him what you want
Instead you reach His answer machine
Voicemail is full!
Nothing else comes to mind
But that you are damned

You see yourself walking home
Down that long road
Only to wake up on a train
How you get there?
End up another country
Where's your passport?
No money…
I said No MONEY…
What you do now
On run, running where, where you don't know!
Wanting to wake up…
Where'e that alarm

Now you watching TV
Laughing it up
Having a good time
Feeling at home
The curtain moves back
Catch you off guard
Shadow jumps at you
You look around
What are you going to do
What you gonna do
Scream for some help
No help comes for you
You wake up

You wake up to your backdoor open wide
You see nothing, but its dark outside
You go try wake you
But you sleep hard
You go back to the door
Still open wide
Its nothing you can do
So you watch you
Screaming wake up
I said wake up
I said wake up
Nothing happens

The scene turn darks
You think you woke up
But now you on a couch
In somebody else's house
Its a potted tree looking crazy
In walks demented creature
A silver duck
With orange stripes and green patterns
Something just don't feel right
It don't feel right
This duck pecks on the tree
Since when do ducks peck?
That's the first mystery
The duck peels off a snake
Why's there is a snake
This snake is also crazy
Flat with catfish mouth
You thinking big enough to swallow me
The duck has the snake in his mouth
Standing in front of you
What you gon' do?
Grab the snake with the scissors
Where did you get scissors?
Take the snake outside, cut off his head
The duck is back at the tree
You scratch your head
This time the snake big
You just wanna wake up from your bed
You thinking wake up
Please wake up
I don't want to get bit!

You wake up

Pinch yourself
Am I dreaming?
You wanna call somebody
But its too early!
Determined not to go -->
Back to sleep
Watching yourself and can't do nothing
Jumping nightmares is scary

Happy Friday Night…


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