Reach out

Wanted to reach out to you today
Just to throw a hello your way
How have you been lately?
Know it’s been a long while
Conversations have become rare, busy but never too busy to recognize
Take a minute out your day
Stop, think, recollect and put a smile on your face
Words exchanged are always heart felt
Friends for years, a longevity result
Pray we always keep in touch
In the good, the better, and even when we down on our luck
Till the next time I write to you
The words will always remain true
You are my friend to whom I hold close
We may not communicate every day, or even when situations arose
I am only a phone call away
Twitter, facebook, smoke message, contact me don’t delay
My digits can be dialed or a text message instead
Send a picture; I will understand as if it were words I read
Wanted to reach out to you today
Just to throw a hello your way!



TouchedByARose said…
Thought that was really cute and funny...."A smoke message" really lol to funny. At times I do get up some days just wanting to say hello to a friend that I haven't spoken to in a while...Its like long time no hear whats been going on!!

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