Fear of forgive

Fear of forgiving

A tear, silent, often unnoticed, transgression clear
Harmless but meaningful, powerful, a sign of fear?
From the corner of the eye it's development is known
Emotions revving the process, mind and heart consent condoned
No one want to show reactions of things closest to the heart
For fear of those to be used in cahoots of settling darts
Burst of fulfillment but why
Another's pain a thrive driven
Hand over the keys, your license here suspended
Time inpatient but often settling
Mind moves on to new adventures, thoughts pausing
Case appealed, new evidence presented
Memories thoughts gone, refreshed with new representation
Head swollen, heart heavy, body involuntarily giving evidence
Emotions are ever so present
Over time one wishes to move on
Feuded grudges grew strong
How to truly forgive the pains afflicted and move on
Will this happen again, prejudging every case the same
Cant be judge, jury, victim and assailant
Some things have to change
Have to allow feelings to be once again be vibrant
The fear of forgiving keeps the mind wondering
That's why God said give to him
Peace will be delivering
Take your power back, go ahead forgive them.




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