Running through the halls looking for the lever
I got to find the switch to click, most panicking ever
Feeling so drain, I can barely lift my head
Sun please don’t shine here no more, all I want is my bed
Or give me a corner so I can just rest and be
Rest my head from the thoughts that are burying me
Eye feeling so heavy,
Body dragging, stepping over my own legs lagging
I have to find the alarm and pull it quick
I need the fire to be put out before I burn to a crisp
I already feel like there is nothing left
Don’t know if those are sirens, cause ears ringing, I’m going deaf
From hearing all the pain I got inside
How to release the grudges, before they bury me alive
Where’s the alarm, I have to pull it
Faint is coming , I feel like sh&t
Moving from the windows, looking into the doubts
Close the shades, got me feeling like there’s no way out
I will pull the alarm to be rescued
Send the trucks, tried of abusing myself, tried of black and blues
I want to stop the punishment
I am my own worst enemy, becoming a concernment
Feeling like life is over
Jumping from one hurdle to another
Waiting for verdicts at my trials
Wondering the outcomes of my tribulations
At the end will I be found under the piles?
If I can get to that lever and pull the alarm
I can be safe making this declaration
I may be able to come out alive with only my pride harmed.




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