Let me Breathe

Am I the root of all your evil?
Why must all problems begin and end in I?
Do I really leave a stain on your existence?
Your self-esteem has nothing to do with the obvious
Some of the things I’m accused of are hard to digest and to believe
This is too much just let me breathe

Questions, demands, too many concerns
Headaches, brain spasms—watching the candles burn
My rope from both ends
The numbness will eventually set in
Now you want to promise peace
Asking will you let me breathe

You are sitting directly in front of me
Still at a distance, my mind is steady running ahead of me
Running on fumes
Looking lost, feeling doomed
Confused, asking what to do
Eyes dead, all cried out- deliverance torn
Get up some nerve to put a move on
Enough is enough; just leave
Then maybe you will be able to breathe

Happiness is not apart of that bottom-line
The fusion of that association has ran out of time
Grasp relationships form seasons
All are not meant to be around forever for reasons
Winter kills the pain
Springing growth from the rain
Allowing summer rays to nurture and give life again
Learning from your fall so you never again feel the pain
Taking in the biggest sigh of relief
Now go and be at peace and you can finally breathe




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