Illusion / Diversion

Abstract fragments is all I witness
Tired of the mainstream way of thinking
I want you here, I want you now
Don’t care if this is a rapport that others frown
They run themselves but not I
I want to run to you, but all I do is hide
Afraid that my passions will get the best of me
I, too overran with wanting simplicity
Call me ‘Invisible Man’, why do I want anyone to notice
Persistently throwing myself for you to focus
I only want your light to shine my way
Stepping out on life’s stage wanting your praise
Standing ovation I’d admire imminent from you
That applause is the only one that matters, a jewel
Precious in its all amenities
You know the secrets of my heart, you hear my melodies
Foreshadowing a hint of your aroma close
Excited, heart racing, slowly I arose
Sadden when I turned around you not standing where I supposed
You looked on at me from afar
Smiling softly taken by my emotional allusion I put on
Prancing that you are who I am searching for
As if another came to hug and you would be torn
We are at love’s mercy, both to be sacrificed
Is our love real or an illusion thru false eyes?
Do I know your obsession?
Do you want to hear my confession?
Conversations we left unspoken
Words, they did not matter
Our glances and advances enough to consume us with passion
Am I blind or is my vision distorted?
I beg I am seeing clear
Happiness is what I fear
Happy as we approach we
Dreams finally into reality
Effects of what we felt cannot be described as an illusion
Explanation best suited crossroad diversions
Now finally face to face
Still no need for words, leave no time to waste



Anonymous said…
Great words....very imaginative. More, more.
Anonymous said…
Sis, I can't even put into words.. this is soooooo awesome!!!! I love it.. You translated a thought and made it real.. I await your book!!!

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