You and I

I am weak: You are strong
I cry: You wipe the tears from my eye
I yell: You talk gently
I run: You walk to come find me
I get frustrated: You Pray
I ask questions: You ask me why I question myself
I am smart: Your intelligence is beautiful
I doubt: You become a shoulder
I say show me the way: You tell me I already found it
I take pictures of others: You take pictures of me
I look to tomorrow: You look today with the answers to my inquiries
I reach for the sky: You give me the trampoline to reach higher heights
I believe: You believe
I dream: You search & envision all aspirations
I begin to listen: You make sure I heard the lesson
I am me: You become proud
I now know what it is to be grateful: You sing gratefulness is flowing my heart
I say thank you with definition: You smile deeply and your eyes glistening



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