Do not post pone something you can do now
Always saying you do it later, and later never comes around
Leaving business unfinished
No goals accomplished, nobody winning
Wanting after time lost, for a wish to be granted
Too late is just too late, never should have been contemplated
If there is anything I have ever learned
Say what you got to say don’t hold your tongue
You may regret the words left unsaid
Actions not followed through, stories never read
Never read, cause I never had the time to write
always saying never as if i have forever
no time machine, no magic pull-the-lever
but time is not and cannot be controlled
Now is the time to live those stories untold
One more last hug,
one more last touch
Once more against your face i should have not rushed
if i could just have those moments back
All i can say is i shoulda done this i shoulda done that
I know God will present the opportunity again
this time, I will not walk away, crack or bend
Not until i know everything in my head has been done
till that time, its my fault that those things are postponed



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