Self Beauty

We doubt ourselves way too often
We are beautiful and we know it
We look good when we see fit for a special moment
We do our hair, nails, toes, and that perfect outfit
Fitting the curves, faultlessness and AMAZING
Stepping out we carry a certain aire
Compliments seem to flow and we are thinking ‘Oh Yeah’
Things going our way
We have to stop trying to be World’s Next Top Model
To someone we are beautiful and pretty for who we are
We come in different sizes, shapes, complexions thanks to our parents
Traits run in the genes, not just made up, look at it as an inheritance
Mirrors don’t lie, admit your attractiveness
People only see you in the manner you decide to risk
Risk it all!!!
Do it UP!!!!
Feel good for more than a moment
Today and everyday do something special for you
Make your own self feel good
Light some candles, take a bubble bath
Cook yourself your favorite meal
Fuss over you for once, make You a BIG DEAL
Go get your own car detailed
Striding in your ride, on-lookers chance being derailed
They not watching where they are going
Too busy- their eyes are with you, following
Be good to you
No one else truly would do things you do
Just taking an once in a while opportunity
To make yourself feel good, you improve on yourself beauty
I am beautiful
Are you?



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